Colombia Passions : Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site 100% free?

The basic features of Colombia Passions are free to use (if Colombia Passions is the primary site you join within Passions Network). Members can send/receive email, post photos, send 'Smooches' (and perform other 'Actions', join Groups, chat, tag members, add Favories / Friends and much much more. There are additional options within Passions Network that do require a paid upgrade, but they are only options and they are not required to fully enjoy the benefits of Colombia Passions.

How does Colombia Passions differ from other online dating sites?

Colombia Passions is part of the Passions Network niche dating social network. The focus of the sites within Passions Network is to help people meet others who share similar interests. Upon joining Colombia Passions, you become a member of the Passions Network network of sites, with the option to add other Passions Network sites into your account if you choose*. Please note that you will only appear on the site(s) in the network that you add into your account. This approach lets people create their own personal social network of dating sites, customized specifically to their particular interests (or passions) in life. *Adding additonal sites into your account can only take place by upgrading to a 'Network Wide Membership'.

Is Passions Network only for people looking to date?

While dating is a focus within Passions Network, it is open to anyone looking to meet others who share similar 'passions'. If you have a passion for yoga, join the Yoga Passions site to find a yoga partner. If you love movies, join the Movies Passions site to find others who share your passion for film. While shared interests can lead to dating when both parties are interested, it is not the sole focus of Passions Network.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join any specific site within Passions Network. Please note that you are limited to a single account within Passions Network, and the site you join initally is your primary site. Your primary site, and any sites available to be added into your account for free can be enjoyed at no cost. Access to the millions of member profiles within the 260+ Passions Network sites does require an upgrade to 'Network Wide Access', which allows you to add as many of the other 260+ sites within the network as you would like.

After joining, I was given the option to add other Passions Network sites. Are there any costs in doing that?

Yes. Upgrading to full 'Network Wide Access' requires a one-time charge of $99.95 (although a $4.95 renewing monthly option is available if that is of interest).

Should I join more than one site within Passions Network?

We would encourage you to consider upgrading to 'Network Wide Access', which will allow you to add any sites that match your interests. Passions Network is a network of individual sites, each with a focus on a specific interest (or Passion), or on a specific geographic region. For example, if you have a passion for yoga, and for reading, and you are a republican vegetarian, you could choose to make your profile available on each of the Passions sites focused on those interests. Perhaps you will make a new friend via the Vegetarian Passions site, even though you may have joined via the Yoga Passions site originally.

Is my email address visible?

No. Passions Network does not provide your email address to anyone. Email messages between members are sent via the internal email system. The only way anyone will ever get your external email address is if you give it to them yourself.

What features are available?

  • Photo Personals
  • Colombian Chat
  • Audio Chat-Upgraded Members
  • Webcam Chat-Upgraded Members
  • Instant Messaging
  • Colombian Blogs Directory
  • Email (Send & Recieve)
  • Colombian Forums
  • Favorites / Friends List
  • Smooches, Hugs, Nibbles, Etc.
  • Groups
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Mini-messages & more!

  • What is a 'Favorites / Friends List'?

    Your 'Favorites / Friends' list allows you to keep track of the people you are interested in, as well as your close friends. Just add someone into your 'Favorites / Friends' list, and you'll be notified when they are online.

    What is a 'smooch'?

    A 'smooch' is a quick way to express your interest in someone without writing an email message. See someone you would like to chat with? Send them a 'smooch'. Or take advantage of some of the other fun options like 'hugs', 'licks', 'bites' and 'tickles'.

    What are 'Groups'?

    'Groups' allow you to further define a little of who you are, within individual Passions Network sites. 'Groups' also allow you to find people who share some similarity with you, whether it be a personal trait or a specific interest...and hopefully this will make it easier to break the ice and make new friends. Take a moment to browse some of the Colombia Passions Groups to see how they work.

    How do I get the most out of Passions Network?

  • Join for free.
  • Upload up to ten photos.
  • Consider upgrading to 'Network Wide Access', although this in not required.
  • If you upgrade, add every site that matches your interests.
  • Create a unique description of yourself for each site you join.
  • Join the 'Groups' that best describe you, or your interests.
  • List your 'Blog' in our 'Blog Directory (if you have one).
  • If you have already have a website or blog, add a link to Colombia Passions.
  • Tell your friends about our network of free dating & social networking sites.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Click the following link:Delete Page.
    (Please note that you must be logged in to reach the 'Delete' page.)

    How can I help promote Colombia Passions?

  • Link to Colombia Passions.
  • Tweet about Colombia Passions.
  • Blog about Colombia Passions.
  • Create and upload a YouTube video about Colombia Passions.
  • Click the Google+ button on the Colombia Passions homepage.
  • Click the Facebook Like button on the Colombia Passions homepage.